Monocultivar Peranzana Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Innovation and attention to detail are the keywords of the precious product and of the elegant and bold packaging at the same time. The beautiful and handy 500ml dark glass bottle is the perfect casket for a healthy product with an authentic taste.  Perfect to enjoy and to collect!

For lovers of delicate and sweet oil, ours Monocultivar Peranzana is the right choice. It is characterized as a lightly fruity oil and has pleasant hints of white fruit, lettuce and toasted almond notes with light spicy notes at the end.As the same name suggests, the Monocultivar Peranzana is an extra virgin olive oil obtained from 100% Peranzana olives, a single precious variety of olives that gives the oil a wider organoleptic profile.

From the moment of the olive harvest, which takes place between October and November, to the pressing in a single-cycle continuous cold-pressed oil mill (25 °) only 6 hours pass to guarantee the freshness of the product and the conservation of its organoleptic properties.

Perfect for season seafood salads, boiled noble fish, steamed crustaceans, salads, pasta and raw vegetables.

15,00 500 ml

Weight 0.6 kg


Dettagli Prodotto

Ingredients Olio extra vergine di oliva

Nutritional Information (Average values ​​referred to 100g): Energy value 821 Kcal / 3374 Kj; Fat 94g, of which saturated 14g; Carbohydrates 0g, of which sugars 0g; 0g protein; Salt 0g.

Origin of the Olives: Italia

Origin of the Olives: Peranzana 100%

Harvest period: October - November

Extraction method: Continuous cycle crusher, cold extracted 25 °

Crushing: Within 6 hours of collection

Store in a cool, dark place, away from sources of light and heat.

Expiration date: 18 months from the packaging date

Packaging: Glass bottle

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